Dear User, Thank you for your response. I can feel you are going though a very tough phase in your life. all of these issues making you bothered & frustrated. Can u please tell me are you already done with your graduation or still in it as you said you can't focus in your study. Dear, Did you go through any kind of relationship issues or breakup. please dont hesitate to share with me. you also mentioned you didn’t find interest in anything & feel irritated in every little issues. from how long have you been going though this? can u tell me about your sleep & food habit also. it will be great for me to help you properly. Secondly you mentioned, you are not happy with your boobs size, also with your nails & smile. dear, just give a look at the bigger picture. no single one in this world is actually 10 in 10 happy with themselfs. if you ask them are they happy with themselfevs or is there anything they dont like about their appearance evey single one will figure out some specific issue in their body which they dont like at all. But we all are beautiful, God made each of us beautiful in our own way. Moreover just think about them who have busty boobs but unfortunately suffering from breast Cancer, who have beautiful smile but are depressed inside they forget how to laugh. Actually on in 100 on 100 happy & beautiful in this crucial world. so dont get upset on it.try to make the better version of urself, try to be happy inside. I hope we have helped you. If you have any further questions please contact Maya Apa again, Always by your side, Maya Apa.

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