The anxiety scores were 93,92, and 91. It was a typo. Sorry about that. *Follow up of previous question: Hi. I am a diagnosed patient of OCD and anxiety, and after my 13 weeks therapy session with a professional psychotherapist from January 2019 to May 2019, I was getting better. Generally I have been doing better in my OCD management (in the last objective evaluation I descended one level down from profound level (the highest level in scale of NPU questionnaire sheet)). So far, before, and even during COVID 19 outbreak I have been doing well so far Alhamdulillah. However, one of my anxiety triggers were the wellness of my father, who has cardiac and diabetic complications. So, he is in high work stress and is being manipulated by his ex boss, and current business client mercilessly. And since that person has blocked few of our pending bills, we can't even stop dealing with him anymore. And the line of work is getting increasingly hard due to the situation, which that person do not want to take in consideration, and my father cannot fight back his manipulation. So, he is also very stressed out, and I am very anxious right now for that. I took the self assessment for anxiety test thrice, my score is 93,32, and 91. My question is, how can I help my father to relieve stress, who has cardiac and diabetic problems already? And also help him to fight back the manipulation this person has been putting him through. Also, I personally work in a different field, and thankfully I'm not having trouble with work. However, I also help my father in his business, and this is where things are getting messy. My father is 68.

Dear, Eid Mubarak. Thanks for sharing your emotions. It is really amazing to hear from you that you are now in under control of your OCD.But the present situation and some tension about your father is increase your anxiety level. You are really a conscious person so you are trying to resolve this issue. Sometimes some situation is out of our control and we can not change our environment or other's persons behavior.So we have to adjust with the present situation by changing us. But first you can try to control the situation. You have to give assurance and reassurance to your father that I am with you.Please be relaxed, I am helping you.This types of speech helps your father to become relax. Then try to communicate with the boss and share him about your or your father's feeling in gentle way.May be assertive communication will help to minimize this stressed situation. If not possible to handle this person then you have to adjust the situation by finding a better way. Hopefully you get some ways from us. If you have any questions feel free to ask MAYA.MAYA is always in your side.

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