Dear User,Thank you for your question.How old are you?Are you male or female?Is it scalp or from inside head pain?scalp pain is associated with burning or tingling sensations as well as itchy skin.These symptoms can be triggered by contact with many common things, such as:Certain metalsCertain soapsCertain cosmeticsAir pollutionWater which contains too much bleaching powder or iron.Certain laundry detergentsCertain hair productsInfection like folliculitis furunculosis and carbunculosis  after hair follicles of Scalp are also associated with scalp pain.A tension headache can also cause scalp pain. Stress, depression, or anxiety can cause or worsen your symptoms, making muscles tense.Scalp pain can also be caused by:sunburn,heat,coldDepending on your symptoms, you may need to seek medical attention.if the pain is due to infection you need to use medication and special shampoo after Consulting with a skin doctor. if pain triggered by above-mentioned things you need to avoid those things or have to use with caution. if it's due to tension or depression you need to sleep at least for 8 hours every night and also stop thinking too much. if the above-mentioned steps don't work for you then you need to consult either a skin doctor or a neuro medicine doctor. I hope we have helped you.If you have any further questions please contact Maya Apa again,Always by your side,Maya Apa.

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