Dear User , We are glad that you have shared your health issues with us and asked for an advice. Now , as a registered user we would like to know couple of information regarding you which are very much essential to give you any health advice . How old are you? Are you a female or male ? Have you ever had jaundice or recently suffered from hepatitis? For how long are you having fever and if you have recorded your temperature then how high was your fever? Ask someone at your home or family member to note if your skin , eye color has changed to yellowish or not ? Now for solution in short , if you are just having fever for 2-3 days and your temperature is not that high ( below102 ) then possibly it is just a viral /seasonal flue related fever which will go away in next 5-6 days. During fever , our body becomes wekaer, so if you do not drink plenty of water , your urine can easily turn yellow in color because of temperature, kidney system works differently. There is nothing to be scared about it, drink coconut water if you can , drink plenty of red tea mixed with lemon or plain lemon water, warm water and at least minimum of 2 litres of water per day as because of fever related sweating body has a high demand for water during fever. Now , for any reason if you think that, no it is too much yellow, your eyes , your palms, face skin are also yellow then definitely do see a doctor just to get checked up for jaundice ( do S.Bilirubin level, SGPT, SGOT, Hb%) As per your information urine becoming bright yellow during fever is most likely due to dehydration( less amount of water in your body than your body needs), you need to have soup, fruit juice, papaya, plenty of warm water to keep yourself rehydrated . If you have any other question please feel free to contact us. We are always beside you at anytime , anywhere. Maya Apa.

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