Dear User, Thank you for your question. To sort out the issue of anger, find out those things which make you angry. Make a list of it. When you find such things which irritate you just leave that place by saying that I will be back. When you feel a little a bit better, communicate your issue with them in a positive way so that they can understand your point of view. If you focus on your anger, you will find that you always don't get angry. Same events which are done by different people provide different levels of anger. It means that anger has some inner systems as well. So, you can also concentrate on the internal changes when you get angry. Should, must, have to sentences are a common thing we have when you become angry for instance- You should behave like this, This must be done in this way etc. If you can get rid of these satements, it may help you. Try to socialize yourself by mixing with peer groups which will increase your support system. You can also try to involve on things which make you happy. I hope you are being helped. If you have any other queries, ask Maya. Maya is there for you always.

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