Dear User,Thanks for asking question.Can i ask you some questions? How many years you are suffering from PCO? Do you take any medicine for PCO?Do you have any recent test regarding your PCO?You said that you are a PCO patient and your husband has hypo thyroid. Sometimes Having PCO is a matter of concern for having children but it is not a big issue, taking medicine regularly and having reguler check-up is sufficient for resolving PCO problem earlier.Having thyroid problem to husband is not problem for concieving a baby so i think  you should assure your husband that his thyroid problem can not give any impact to your baby and your upcoming baby.You should encourage your husband for taking reguler madicine and exercise,than his thyroid level gradually will be normal.And also you should not worried about your PCO,PCO is a common disese of women, taking reguler medicine and follow up to the Gynocologist is quite enough for a remedy from  PCO.I know also not having sex with husband making you upset and depressed. I  can understand your emotions. Its natural to arouse sexually. So, you can talk to your husband directly, whats his opinion about it, what he want, what you want, what is making you depressed. This will help you to have clear understanding, will also reduce your distances. Another thing you mentioned that your husband doesn't want to have baby, are you assuming it or he told you? Let us know about it. 

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