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Thank you for your suggestion. Actually he visited me one time. And we usually used to talk about these over phone and he told me to stay with him but now he cannot stay with me. After two or three years , he will be able to settle. But my point of view is almost three years gone and more two or three is worth to wait. I am already getting older. In this stage, its becoming tough to live alone. My friends already have children, my relatives criticises me. I can't attend any social or family gatherings and almost everyday staying in a room. Day by day I am getting mad. I think I should escape from my family and my surroundings. But this marriage is a great barrier to do that. I told my husband about everything but he doesn’t care. He thinks that may be I am not that type of woman. But really I want to escape. Though it will be a mess but again I don’t bother about social dignity or other stuff like that because I need to breath fresh air. I need to calm down and especially I need someone's love and affection. I need someone's love and care so badly. Since my childhood, I wasn’t blessed to stay with my parents and I have a gap with my siblings. They don’t like me and I have tried my level best to form good relationship with them but they are always seems emotionless about me. I tried to find the causes but what I found that they have wrong notion about me and its already too late to change the situation. Now, I really want to go far from each and everyone from my family and from my husband. Its really difficult for a woman to manage this kind of situation.

Answered By : U.T.M

  1 year ago

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